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Prince Tennis

Prince Tennis
Site redesign project for Prince Tennis, one of the industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of performance racquet sports equipment. Prince needed an easier way to maintain and update the content on their web site. There was also a desire to give pages a 'fresh' look each time the user returns by rotating content and changing images.

A database driven, dynamic website that gives the Prince marketing department the ability to update the website and add new content.
• Website globalization: User selects a country when first coming to the site, and different content and player images appear based on the selection. Prince does not sell their complete product line outside of the US and needed a way to solve this problem.
• Image and content rotator for home page. Cookie keeps track of last instance seen by user. Next time he returns or refreshes the page, new content will be displayed and products are rotated. Client sets the sequence for the content to appear.
• Systems administrator tool where the client logs in and maintains the website.
• Ability to relate professional tennis players to the racquet that they use. Player Bio pages and Product Details pages automatically updated based on relationships.
• Ability to relate new technologies to each racquet, along with other information like racquet power level and swing speed.
• New website pages and navigational menus are automatically created and updated though the control panel using these relationships.
• Test website where client can test new changes before going live.

ASP and HTML pages.
MS SQL database with 40+ Tables
140+ Stored Procedures
Java script to control form input and make calculations.
Contract Database Programmer / Analyst and Project team member responsible for working closely with the team leader to turn the graphic designers drawing of the pages into working, fast loading interactive web pages, and for redeveloping the system administrator tool that maintains pages throughout the web site.
Applet SQL conversion / XML

Prince Sports
Created Prince Plugged-In for tennis players to get training information nationwide. With the site being an instant success it was necessary to upgrade existing applets to support 20,000+ simultaneous users. The marketing department also wanted to create a 'buzz' for the new website by giving away scratch-off demo-cards with a code that a participants can enter into the website to see if he is a grand prize winner.
• Converted existing database to a robust MS SQL database
• Supports higher website traffic without sacrificing performance
• Prize giveaway decoder receives xml from a flash form, searches the database to see if the code is a winner, then returns the result to display on the flash page.
• Winner information, and used demo-codes are stored in the database.
• Prince marketing department receives contest winner notifications.
• Front end for web users.
• Back-end for the systems administrator to set parameters and add prizes.
• MS Access database converted to MS SQL database.
• 25+ Stored procedures
• Triggers
Part of Database Programming team. Worked as a contractor responsible for database upgrade, receiving and processing XML sent from the Flash application, and code implementation based on project requirements.
Virtual Tournament Bracket Pro v2.0

To develop an online tournament software program to facilitate running a sporting/tournament event and help make communication between players and tournament directors as seamless as possible.

A database driven Real Time tournament software application and dynamic website that fully automates the tournament and takes away many of the time consuming duties a tournament director has to perform.
• Tournament and website setup: Upload tournament images, set tournament days, times, rules, prices, divisions, sponsors, hotels, and all other tournament details.
• 13 Page Dynamic website for each tournament is created for players to get tournament information and to register online.
• Player Registration: Multi step online entry form with Real Time Credit card processing and email receipt /entry notification.
• Accounting: Track participant registration fee payments. Set additional items for players to purchase during their online entry.
• Email Generator: Email all players in the tournament with tournament details and match start times. Email a tournament ad to area players of a specific sport.
• Brackets and draws generated: Player /Teams are seeded and draws are automatically created. Change the bracket type from Single Elimination, Round Robin, Double Elimination, and Consolation.
• Automated start times: Director answers a series of question and match times are generated automatically.
• During the tournament, as matches finish, the director updates winners on a time grid and the live brackets are automatically updated for fans in Real Time.
• Control panel with login access for tournament director to make changes and send player notifications.
• Administrative program to monitor all tournaments.

ASP and HTML frames pages.
Converted MS Access database to MS SQL with 90+ stored procedures
ASP.NET for a more robust solution on the pages with complex calculations.
Java script to control form input and make calculations.
SSL secure server for payment encryption.
Owner and CEO, Project manager, lead programmer, customer service manager and current database administrator. Systems Analyst / Database Programmer responsible for overall concept and system design, updating and product marketing.
Online Tournament Software Integration

U.S.A. Racquetball
The United States Racquetball Association wanted to provide an easy way for state directors to manage 350+ tournaments every year. The task was to integrate the R2sports Virtual Tournament Bracket Pro software application with U.S.A. Racquetball’s membership and ranking systems so current rankings could be used to generate the draws, and results and rankings would be updated automatically after each tournament.
Seamless integration of R2sports Virtual Tournament Bracket Pro with the U.S.A. Racquetball membership and ranking systems to encapsulate all the necessary requirements that U.S.A. Racquetball needed to facilitate running an event.
Site interaction and data transmittal: 3 servers send / receive data and interact with each other.
Code parsers interpret xml data and calculate and store accordingly.
Data replication between databases on separate servers.
Online tournament setup and initiation by Tournament Directors
Online Tournament Director Administration Functions
Automated tournament website generation
Online match start times viewable via tournament website
Online searchable listing of tournament participants by division and by name
Tournament brackets updated real time as tournament results are posted
Tournament desk check-in function to ensure collection fees
Results communicated to USA Racquetball ranking system
Tournament Statistic section.
Listing of all USA Racquetball sanctioned tournaments with links to each tournament entry page
ASP and HTML frames pages.
MS SQL database with 40+ tables
100+ Stored procedures
Java script to control form input and make calculations.
XML to communicate and synchronize the data between the 3 applications
Systems Analysts, Project manager and lead programmer responsible for the multi-systems integration and customization including planning and database design. Current database administrator responsible for maintaining live data and monitoring XML transfer logs.
Real Estate Investor Template Website

We Build Investor Sites
ASP, Java, MS Access, HTML
Create an affordable website template for private real estate investors to used to facilitate their home and property buying business and establish on online presence.
A website template that contains everything an investor needs to establish an online presence.
Dynamic website template with over 50 pages and forms.
Login to administrative section to change site content and colors
List properties for sale
Upload multiple images of properties
Receive email leads from home sellers, bird dogs, and more.
Lead manager that stores the leads for easy management later.
Stats section to track advertising methods.
Flash video tutorials
Online order form with Real Time credit cart processing.
6 MS Access databases
ASP and HTML frames pages.
Java script to control form input and make calculations
SSL secure server for payment information.
Owner and CEO, Project manager and lead programmer. Responsible for overall concept and design. Customer service manager responsible for troubleshooting and current database administrator. Responsible for configuring, maintaining, monitoring, and performing restorations on 20+ websites. Setup all client accounts, along with all E-mail accounts for new clients.

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